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OKRs build capabilities within the organization to reach KPIs.

OKRs build capabilities within the organization to reach KPIs. Both are an imperative tool for building a venture-backed growth company.

It is very common for companies to get focused on only building out metric based key results (kpis) to measure if their objective on the way to completion, however this often just leads seeing your objective never completed. The reason why this happends, is because you never defined what the team needs to 'do' to accomplish the objective. You only defined how to measure it. The best key results define how to complete the objective and measure its status.

Early stage companies tend to have a three to five company KPIs developed to be leading indicators for the company broken out annually, quarterly and measured weekly.

As the company advances through the series stages you will see a top 5 to 8 KPIs at the leadership team level that can be double clicked to additional KPIs falling into each functional area of the business. ARR > MQL > NPS...

Define your KPIs annually, adjusting quarterly and build your OKRs quarterly aligning to your one year plan. Your OKRs will build the capabilities to successfully meet your KPIs.

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