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"The definitive playbook for
CEOs of high-stakes, venture backed companies."

—Michael Moe, Founder at Global Silicon Valley


Jeff James Martin has spent a two-decade career on the ground with VC-backed teams trying to answer the question: What makes some VC-backed companies succeed, and others fail? This book holds the answer. Peak Teams is a holistic blueprint for building an unstoppable team and empowering them with the core habits that create winning behaviors.

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Jeff James Martin

Over the course of a two-decade career, Jeff James Martin has worked with hundreds of venture-backed leadership teams, from seed to exit, and investors across the US and worldwide. Jeff has personally founded, sold, and played multiple roles at venture-backed technology companies. In 2004, Jeff founded Collective Genius to assist CEOs, founders, and investors to build high-performing teams.

As a mentor to accelerator programs and a go-to for VC firms’ portfolio companies globally, Jeff has become a sought-after speaker worldwide. Jeff lives in Los Angeles with his wife and five kids, where he teaches and competes in Brazilian jiu-jitsu as a black belt and coaches high school athletics.

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