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Now that your Annual Plan is set it’s time to execute. 🚀⛰

Jun 01, 2020

Now that your Annual Plan is set it’s time to execute. 🚀⛰

The fast paced nature of early and growth stage business increases the importance implementing a weekly meeting cadence that includes both OKRs, KPIs and the ability to course correct.

In early and growth stages we will continually see change. Because things change does not mean we don't need goals, it means we need to create a cadence that allows us to stay continually aligned.

That is exactly why the weekly cadence is so important and specifically implementing a Triage section into your meetings.

In Triage we review all the objectives, key results and key performance indicators that are off course. We share what is going on, seek to identify the core issue(s) or opportunities and identify a solutions.

They reality is that sometimes the solution is to change a date, to change the OKR and/or update it with something that is more relevant. Yes, when the team makes the decision to change a date or change an OKR it is okay.

Triage is a clearinghouse where all conversations happen allowing the team to maintain the alignment, focus and accountability between planning sessions. It is place where the full team solves issues, find a way around problems or make deviations in the course.

Keep your team on course with a free copy of the Weekly Camp Meeting™:

Keep Climbing my friends. 🚀⛰

"Individual commitment to a group effort--that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work." - Vince Lombardi

Every successful venture has a high performing team that makes the difference between landing on the moon and getting stuck on the launchpad.

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