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Discipline Wins

Recently, more than ever due to the current market conditions, we have been having a lot of conversations with CEOs and investors about how to maximize the results of their teams.

It is important to recognize that all teams have limited TIME, CAPITAL and ENERGY.

This is always the case, however in a more challenging market, a stress test occurs on the organization and often will show areas of where change is needed to survive.

The number one problem with most teams is that they lack a clear execution cadence. Teams that don’t have a clear execution cadence (review, planning, and iteration) lose their way.

If you are building a new product or creating a new market you need a clear cadence. As they say ‘Execution is everything.’

However, it is common that teams don’t see execution as a cadence but it is. It is survival of the fittest - to survive and thrive your team must be disciplined at learning and adapting together.

Common Mistakes:

1. Team lacks the KNOWLEDGE of the cadence of execution
2. Team lack the DISCIPLINE to keep consistent on the process
3. Team lacks the COLLABORATION from full team (decisions made in silos)
4. Team lacks the OWNERSHIP (who owns what)
5. Team lacks the understanding of the TOOLS and activities needed to occur in the cadence

Make a choice conscience choice to change and maximize your time, capital and energy.

Establish the cadence - give your team the knowledge, discipline, ownership, collaboration and tools needed to win.

Keep Climbing my friends 🚀⛰️

- Jeff

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