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Tech Scenes Malibu with Adam Dole co-founder of Bento

adam dole bento co-founder founder healthtech malibu venture capital Feb 19, 2024

This episode of Tech Scenes, set in the picturesque Malibu, California, showcases Adam Dole's profound impact on the intersection of technology, healthcare, and social good. As a co-founder of Bento, Adam is at the helm of a mission-driven venture aiming to improve the health and wellbeing of Americans by addressing social determinants of health. Bento's innovative platform connects those experiencing food insecurity with nutritious meals, bridging a vital gap in a stigma-free and accessible manner.

Beyond Bento's noble cause, this episode delves into Adam's holistic approach to operating a venture-backed company. With a background that includes significant roles at Mayo Clinic, GoKart Labs, Not Impossible Labs, and a collaborative stint as a Presidential Innovation Fellow, Adam brings a product mindset to solving problems. His leadership philosophy centers on empowering employees, articulating a clear and guiding vision, and steadfastly moving humanity forward. Through his work, Adam exemplifies how a focus on product innovation, combined with a commitment to social impact, can drive a company to succeed while contributing to the greater good.

Join us as we explore Adam Dole's journey through the lens of innovation, leadership, and the pursuit of progress, highlighting how technology and empathy converge to create meaningful change.

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