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Tech Scenes Unplugged with Aasim Saeed

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In this episode of Tech Scenes Unplugged, we sit down with Dr. Aasim Saeed, Founder and CEO of Amenities Health—a pioneering digital membership platform dedicated to transforming the patient experience in healthcare systems. Dr. Saeed, with a robust background combining clinical expertise, consulting prowess at McKinsey, and technology entrepreneurship, discusses the vision behind Amenities Health. This innovative platform is likened to mobile banking apps and platforms like Amazon for its modernized digital patient engagement, acquisition, and brand loyalty strategies.

Amenities Health offers a unique, white-labeled mobile app that integrates seamlessly with existing health system portals like MyChart, enhancing everything from rapid registration to provider search and scheduling. Dr. Saeed explains how this integration offers a superior patient experience, which is crucial in today's healthcare market where efficiency, ease, and engagement are expected.

Throughout the episode, Dr. Saeed shares insights on overcoming challenges in healthcare, the role of big players like Walmart and Amazon in the space, and the significance of maintaining a clear mission, vision, and goals in a remote first work environment. The discussion also covers the importance of continuous learning within venture capital-backed teams to stay win, when the stakes are high.

Join us as Dr. Aasim Saeed delves into how Amenities Health not only meets modern consumer expectations but exceeds them by providing a cost-effective, scalable, and brand-centric solution that establishes lasting loyalty and opens new revenue streams for health systems.

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