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Finding you that great leader, creating that perfect team, making the impossible, possible. Doing whatever it takes, to give you the power to change the world. Empowering Change. Together. That’s Collective-Genius.

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Client Stories

Our clients inspire us as they create positive leadership and change within their companies. They share their stories with us every day, and we’d like to share a few of them with you. If you'd like to hear about others, just give us a call and we'll be happy to share them all.


Collective Genius provides my marketing and product development teams with the top local ideation and strategy talent. Their focus and network allows us to sustain innovative teams and lead in our market.
Collective Genius has a great mission of change. Their mission of change is what separates them from the flock of others because they support leadership. You can't take that away from them.
Collective Genius takes the time to really learn and understand what I need; they make me successful by creating powerful project teams, we are successful together.
We have needs for both full time employees and project based resources to help us change and compete in our industry. Collective Genius provides both and will not sacrifice quality when working to make our projects successful.
Collective Genius understands the difference between helping a leader lead and the time it takes to manage the wrong people. It is fun to work with an organization that really gets it. They are truly unique and I am happy I found them.
Collective Genius provides us people that we did not realize were available in our market. I also like that they have a big picture view of our needs. The other firms are in it for making money Collective Genius is in it to make a better world.
We believe in the mission of Collective Genius that we must change to evolve. They help us to successfully implement change within our company by working collectively to build and support great project teams.
I have a variety of needs from pulse needs to long term strategic hires. Collective Genius provides us with the right people at the right time for us to be leaders in our market. They do what is best for us.
Collective Genius is focused on new initiatives and new projects. Their experience reduces risk in my projects and it makes me feel much more comfortable when we are pushing forward together.
We always have great success bringing in new technology leadership talent and program management by leveraging Collective Genius.
Collective Genius has a great responsive network of quality talent. They are our go to firm of business + technology leadership positions.

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