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90% of venture-backed teams have reported they do not finding value in their weekly team meetings. The Weekly Camp Meeting™ is the most efficient and effective team meeting empowering teams to solve problems and stay on course.

" The true grit and grind as a CEO or founder is doing what ever it takes to build an unstoppable team." - Jeff Martin


Elevate your team with decades of best practices and tools from successful venture backed CEO's, founders, and investors with the Peak Operating System™

The Peak Operating System™

Empower your team by implementing a proven business operating system designed specifically for venture backed technology companies. Access all the tools and resources you need to build your team.

Peak Annual Planning™

Guide your team through a Peak Annual Planning Offsite with video guided sessions and resources.

Peak Quarterly Planning™

Keep your team on track and by leading them through Peak Quarterly Planning Offsite using video guided sessions and resources.

Weekly Camp Meeting™

No more bad meetings. Leverage our Weekly Camp Meeting agenda that is both efficient and effective.

Peak Team Assessment™

Implement Peak Annual and Quarterly Team Surveys to strengthen alignment, focus and organizational health.

Three Year Vision

Define your Peak. Guide your your team through building a unified Three Year Vision.

One Year Plan

Get your team to basecamp. Guide your team through building a clear and actionable One Year Plan.

Peak OKRs™

Leverage video guided sessions to guide your team to create smart Quarterly Team and Functional OKRs.

Peak KPIs™

Step by step video guided resources and best practices to create the metrics you need to lead your organization.

Core Values

Guided sessions and best practices to build your company's core values and celebrate them into your culture.

Mission Statement

Guided session and resources on leading your team through defining or evolving your Mission Statement.

Peak Tools™

Gain access to all the tools and resources including the Peak Team Dashboard™, Weekly Camp Meeting™, Triage Tools™ and more.

Peak Talent™

Plus, Peak Talent™  all the tools, strategies and resources you need to recruit, hire and retain high performing team members. 

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Craig Lewis

CEO and Founder | Gig Wage

"The Peak Operating System has been a winning formula for Gig Wage.
When you are scaling exponentially, it's easy to get pulled in a million directions and get distracted.
So it's imperative to focus and align your leadership team on top priorities.

Jamie Candee

CEO | Edmentum

"Collective Genius was instrumental in helping me build my leadership team. Jeff and team are extremely knowledgeable across disciplines and markets."

Ryan Broshar

Partner | Matchstick Ventures

"The Peak Operating System has been an essential tool for Matchstick as we continue to focus on building our investment platform. This unique framework has helped align our partnership and make sure we are continually focusing on strategic goals that actual move the needle for our founders and investors."

Chelsie Lee

CEO and Founder | Shipsi

"Over the years, Jeff has been an incredible resource and The Peak Operating System has been an absolute game changer for our organization– the most effective I've experienced through my career to mutually set the vision, align on key priorities and execution. Thank you for the guidance and continued support."

Adam Weber

Co-Founder, Chief People Officer | Emplify

"The Peak Operating System and Rucksack has been the right tool at the right time for us. In a simple way it's created cross departmental alignment and increased our pace and accountability."

Nick Kim

Principal | Crosscut Ventures

"The Peak Operating System is effective at aligning our partnership around a set of goals and facilitating the debate about internal priorities. Jeff delivered the Peak system to help us prioritize our goals and execute against them. I recommend Peak to anyone doing annual planning at the senior leadership level."

Ethan Austin

Investor and Advisor | Techstars

"Rucksack is A+ it is perfect for getting teams aligned, focused and accountable. Every startup needs an operating system. Rucksack is the first platform I’ve seen that really delivers this in bite sized chunks for busy CEOs who know what they need to do but are having trouble getting started."

Beth Engel

Partner | Dundee Ventures

"Peak Planning and Tools process, plan and style is the right mix of listening and prodding to help our team get our priorities onto paper, meet deadlines, and hold ourselves accountable."

John Tomich

CEO and Founder | Credit Key

"When you are scaling fast and building on momentum it’s critical to create focus on key priorities and efficient communication. Peak Planning and Tools with Collective Genius have given our team the planning framework to execute our company vision and maximize our positive social impact."

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Operating a venture backed growth company is a matter of leading a team toward building something that has never been done before. 

Where you are going and what you need to do are often new, however how you achieve this vision has been done millions of times before.

The Peak Operating System™ on Rucksack give you all the tools to build an unstoppable venture backed team.


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  • Peak Talent™ Tools, Strategies and Resources
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  • Peak Operating System™ and Peak Tools™
  • Guided Peak Annual and Quarterly Planning Session Videos
  • Peak Talent™ Tools, Strategies and Resources
  • 50+ organized tools, resources and guided videos
  • Access to upgrades and specials including one-on-one coaching
  • Live Facilitated Peak Annual Planning™, including Pre-Camp, Planning Sessions and Weekly Camp Meeting Training

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” - Phil Jackson

Jeff Martin

CEO and Founder | Collective Genius

Based in Los Angeles, California, Jeff founded and sold his first startup in college and then went on to play a variety of roles in venture backed technology companies.

Over the last two decades, Jeff and his team at Collective Genius have curated the Peak Operating System™ from leveraging both their experience and network of notable CEOs, founders and investors. With the purpose of building unstoppable teams they have assembled the entire Peak Operating System™ in one online platform called Rucksack.

Collective Genius

Builds high performing teams for venture backed technology companies and venture capital firms. With offices in Los Angeles, Collective Genius has worked with hundreds of CEOs, founders, leadership teams, and investors across the United States and worldwide.

Combining decades of experience in venture backed organizations, Collective Genius is focused on uplifting teams to exceed their potential. 

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One on One coaching calls are a great way to uplift your team as you leverage the Peak Operating System™. One on One coaching allows you to prepare for sessions, trouble shoot team issues, right size the Peak for your organization and provide one on one time for your questions.