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Tech Scenes Malibu with Tarek Waked

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Welcome to a new episode of Tech Scenes, where we meet Tarek Waked, founding partner of Type One Ventures, right in the heart of Malibu, California. Type One Ventures, inspired by the Kardashev scale, supports innovative teams challenging the norm with technology that has the potential to advance human civilization, focusing on space, AI, and DeepTech.

Operating from Los Angeles, CA, with an office in London, UK, Type One Ventures plays a crucial role in the tech ecosystem, bridging the gap between visionary founders and the resources they need to succeed. In this episode, Tarek shares his approach to investing in ventures that promise not just growth but a significant impact on our future.

We discuss the importance of creating meaningful connections between investors and founders, and how Type One Ventures aids entrepreneurs in navigating the journey towards innovation and success. Tarek's insights provide a glimpse into the strategic support that can transform ambitious startups into reality.

Tune in to explore how Type One Ventures is contributing to the technological and societal progress, through the eyes of Tarek Waked.

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