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Tech Scenes Unplugged with Kevin Lindbergh of ThalamusGME

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In this episode of Tech Scenes Unplugged, we connect online with Kevin Lindbergh, a seasoned leader in driving operational excellence and revenue growth for venture-backed companies. As the Chief Operating Officer of ThalamusGME, Kevin leverages his extensive expertise in leadership, strategy, innovation, business development, and product marketing to refine go-to-market strategies and create exceptional client satisfaction.

Founded in December 2013 and based in Santa Clara, California, ThalamusGME is the premier web-based digital interviewing software designed specifically for graduate medical education (GME) training programs. Created by an anesthesiology residency applicant and a residency program director, Thalamus offers a comprehensive online interview reservation and travel management system. With real-time scheduling capabilities accessible via both online and mobile platforms, residency and fellowship applicants can now manage their interview schedules seamlessly, reducing travel costs and enhancing their overall experience.

For program administrators, Thalamus streamlines the interview process by enabling applicants to self-schedule, thereby eliminating unnecessary phone calls and emails. This allows administrators to focus on personalizing the recruitment experience and optimizing their resident selection process.

In this episode, Kevin discusses the critical aspects of making strategic tradeoffs, the importance of cash flow and key metrics, and the role of transparency in building successful teams. We delve into the benefits of the Operators Guild, fostering alignment within organizations, and the implementation of the Peak Operating System to drive performance and growth.

Kevin’s insights are invaluable for anyone interested in the intersection of technology and healthcare, operational strategy, and innovative business models. Join us for a deep dive into the operational strategies that have positioned ThalamusGME as a leader in the digital transformation of medical education.

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