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Great Questions

Looking back over my life and work, my best teachers, mentors, and advisors have always had one clear characteristic in common.

They all asked GREAT QUESTIONS. Questions that would unearth and clarify real issues or opportunities hidden beneath the surface.

Meeting regularly with my mentors and advisors, and building a discipline of being asked these questions, was the difference between unlocking the potential of my team or failing to lead anyone at all.

For the last two decades, we have been curating the most engaging questions high-performing venture-backed CEOs ask their teams to gain the unique understanding to lead. Throughout the years, these questions have come together to form Peak Team Surveys™.

Take a 360-degree look at your team with a free copy of the Quarterly Peak Survey™:

Leveraging the survey will perfectly complement your quarterly team planning cadence, annual planning, and the Annual Peak Survey™.

Keep climbing, my friends. 🚀⛰

Jeff Martin
CEO and Founder | Collective Genius

Collective Genius Peak Planning for venture-backed technology companies and venture capital firms 

Elevate your team with decades of best practices and tools from successful venture-backed CEOs, founders, and investors with the Peak Operating System™

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