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Great discussion with my friend Carey Ransom on the Operate Podcast.

Having a 3 year vision, 1 year plan and quarterly goals are critical for getting alignment amongst a team, and the highest possible execution and performance. That's hard to debate and disagree with, and led to a great conversation on Operate Podcast between Jeff Martin and me. Those things will undoubtedly change along the way, as the market and other things evolve, and having a process for managing that effectively is what Jeff works with startups and high-growth companies to do. His Peak Planning program through his company, Collective Genius, is becoming the go-to for VC firms and their companies.

If you're a VC, startup founder or leadership team member, you'll get a lot out of this podcast - link in the comments. #startups #leadership #companybuilding #alignment #peakperformance
We talked about how venture-backed leadership teams are leveraging new systems, tools and hacks to build high performing teams, uplifting team communication, creating focus, developing leadership alignment, dialing in fundraising, hiring better, the growth of 'One Tech Scene,' the power of Techstars, Los Angeles, OC and more.

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