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Tech Scenes Venice Beach with Edward Wilson of Impulsum Ventures

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Join us for an episode of Tech Scenes Venice Beach, where we go for a ride with Edward Wilson, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Impulsum Ventures. Ed and his team at Impulsum are on a mission to solve high-value problems for people and companies, driving cultural shifts toward a more positive future. Impulsum Ventures excels in product innovation and actively investing in new business concepts, developing market-leading companies poised to become iconic household names.

Specializing in complex product experiences, Impulsum Ventures boasts deep expertise in areas such as social networks, eCommerce, digital consumer technologies, secure communication, payments and issuance, and blockchain. The team, spread across the globe, is united by a passion for design, problem-solving, and building companies that make the world smile.

Ed's unique background includes roles as an investor at Anthos Capital and a consultant at BlueRock Consultants. With a wealth of experience in investment and company building, Ed has honed his skills in identifying and nurturing high-potential ventures. He has played a significant role in supporting the resilience of founders and high performers, managing chaos with calm, and leveraging the power of a venture technical studio to bring ideas to fruition.

In this episode, Ed delves into the resilience required of founders and high-performing teams, sharing insights on managing calm within the storm and the importance of working within a flow of value. We explore how setting goals and providing context is crucial for success, and how having the right co-founder can make or break a firm. Ed also discusses what to look for in a founder and their team, the importance of being open, and the value of connecting with the right people through transparency.

Additionally, we dive into Ed's personal passion for skateboarding and his role in rejuvenating the Venice Beach skatepark, highlighting how his interests align with his professional pursuits in fostering community and innovation.

Whether you're an entrepreneur, investor, or just passionate about building meaningful connections and innovative companies, this episode offers a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. Join us as we explore Edward Wilson’s journey and work at Impulsum Ventures, as we take a ride through iconic Venice Beach.

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