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Tech Scenes Unplugged with Daniel Liebeskind CEO and Founder of Topia

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In this episode of Tech Scenes Unplugged, we connect with Daniel Liebeskind, the innovative founder and CEO of Topia. Topia is a cutting-edge platform-as-a-service technology that enables real-time social interaction and spatial video chat inside customizable virtual worlds. Serving enterprises across education, AAA game studios, financial services, and software, Topia helps customers and employees feel more connected as a community.

From Wall Street to Silicon Valley, Daniel’s mission is to foster human connection through technology. With a lifelong passion for building offline communities, Daniel became an entrepreneur to create software that helps people manage their personal communities. Over the past six years, he has coded nearly 30 applications, including community platforms, contact managers, slack bots, real estate systems, trading platforms, knowledge ecosystems, and browser, VR, and mobile games.

In this episode, Daniel discusses the revolutionary potential of spatial communication technology and how virtual worlds can break down geographic constraints. We delve into the importance of building flexible systems and tools that can scale effectively, and the crucial role of peer-to-peer encrypted communication in maintaining privacy and security.

Jeff and Daniel also shares insights on creating a cadence and operating system to scale, and the benefits of building in public. Join us as we explore how Topia is inspiring creativity, community, and connection through the real-time internet, making virtual interactions feel as engaging as in-person meetings.

Whether you're a tech enthusiast, an entrepreneur, or someone interested in the future of digital communication, this episode offers a wealth of knowledge and inspiration from one of the leading voices in the field.

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