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Tech Scenes Unplugged with Ben Foster of Prodify

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In this episode of Tech Scenes Unplugged, we connect with Ben Foster, the Co-Founder of Prodify. With a rich background as a Chief Product Officer at leading companies like WHOOP, GoCanvas, and Opower, Ben brings a wealth of experience and insights into the pivotal role of product management in driving tech company success.

Ben's career highlights include expanding teams and company valuations significantly, establishing strong product visions, and championing customer-focused strategies. At WHOOP, Ben grew the team tenfold and the company valuation fifteenfold, hitting record-high retention rates and grooming new leaders. At GoCanvas, he fostered a product-led culture and led the company through hypergrowth, M&A activities, and pricing strategy development. At Opower, he built the product organization from the ground up, contributing to a tenfold revenue increase and taking the company public.

In this episode, Ben shares his key learnings from these roles, such as balancing day-to-day operations with visionary leadership, expanding the definition of "Product" to include pricing and engagement services, and applying behavioral science to drive user engagement. He discusses the importance of vision-led product management, modeling the financial impact of product development, and organizing around customer outcomes to support hypergrowth.

Ben also introduces Prodify, a company dedicated to making product management easier through advisory, coaching, and consulting services. Prodify helps entrepreneurs, startup founders, product executives, and product team leads make strategic product decisions, foster product-driven cultures, and build world-class product teams.
During our conversation, we delve into the importance of product in tech companies, understanding and achieving product-market fit, playing offense in product development, leveraging Peak OS and the significance of a strong product vision.

Whether you're an entrepreneur, a product executive, or someone passionate about product management, this episode is packed with actionable insights and valuable advice. Join us for a deep dive into the world of product management and learn how to drive success through a strong product focus.
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