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Tech Scenes Beverly Hills with Winter Mead of Coolwater Capital

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In this episode of Tech Scenes Beverly Hills, we take a ride with Winter Mead, the founder and managing member of Coolwater Capital, an investment firm specializing in emerging managers and technology investments. Winter is also the author of the insightful book, "How To Raise A Venture Capital Fund," and operates Coolwater, an academy dedicated to training, building, and scaling emerging managers. With over 240 emerging managers trained in the last four years, Winter brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table.

Winter’s impressive career includes helping build and invest in an evergreen fund at SAP, where he co-founded the LP transparency movement #OpenLP. He has also worked as a private equity and venture capital investor at a large multi-family office in San Francisco, completing seventy-nine institutional investments and over twenty-five additional investments since leaving his institutional allocator role. As junior faculty at Stanford Graduate School of Business, Winter taught Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship, sharing his expertise with the next generation of investors and entrepreneurs.

Coolwater Capital's mission is to create a new model for launching, building, and scaling emerging fund managers. Their programs include Coolwater Build, a virtual cohort program for emerging managers, and Coolwater Explore, a virtual program for angel investors to build and organize their portfolio investments.

In this episode, Winter discusses the inspiration behind Coolwater, the challenges and opportunities for emerging fund managers, and the unique approach of Coolwater cohorts in building VC firms and growth companies. He shares insights from his book, which serves as a comprehensive guide on raising a venture capital fund, revealing the secrets of LP diligence, best practices in fundraising, and the intricate dynamics of the VC world.

Whether you are an aspiring venture capitalist, an emerging fund manager, or simply interested in the venture capital ecosystem, this episode offers valuable insights from one of the industry's leading experts. Join us as we explore Winter’s journey, the evolution of Coolwater Capital, and the strategies that drive success in the world of venture capital.

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