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February 2023 Rucksack Newsletter

Hey Peak Teams Welcome to February. 

One of the core components in building high performing teams is mastering the use of metrics and KPIs. I have worked with many teams at different stages of implementing their KPIs. Many teams I first meet even in later stages of funding often struggle getting their KPIs off the ground within the company.

One recommendation I have when building your one year plan is to have each functional area select on KPI they feel is their North Star metric in their organization. Build these out annually and break them down quarterly, monthly and weekly. DO NOT WAIT to get your reporting perfectly integrated or it will never happen. Start now and work towards automation.

Some quick updates: We just released two new resources in Rucksack this month both the Annual and Quarterly Pre-planning videos. These are helpful for the guide as they preparing for the preplanning or team members that missed the pre-planning, or as a review of the planning agenda and prep work. You can find these resources in the team member section.

And finally our next Live Peak Q&A Calls, join us for our next call on February 23rd at 11:30am Pacific. Feel free to submit questions ahead of the call by responding to this newsletter or by joining us live on the call.

As always all the information is in Rucksack Maximize your team with all the Peak Team Tools and Resources for venture-backed teams: Peak System


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