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Peak is the first operating system specifically designed for VC-backed companies. With Peak, you'll go faster, grow bigger, and return more to your investors—and you'll make it look easy.

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We've worked behind the scenes of thousands of venture-backed companies, and we know what habits create high-performing teams that win. You need to get organized. You need a VBOS.

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Get the #1 Bestseller that will transform your team.


The challenges and pressures faced by VC-backed CEOs and founders—and their teams—are unlike anything else. It doesn’t have to be that way. Build the right team, and you’ll go from facing challenges alone to maximizing opportunities together. Jeff James Martin has spent a two-decade career on the ground with VC-backed teams trying to answer the question: What makes some VC-backed companies succeed, and others fail? This book holds the answer.


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"The definitive playbook for CEOs of high-stakes, venture backed companies."  

—Michael Moe, Founder at Global Silicon Valley

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It's the ultimate shortcut to speed, productivity, clarity, and success.

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Get your team moving in the same direction—and keep them aligned with a system you can trust.

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Rucksack gives you the visibility you need to get out of the weeds and get back to what you do best.

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Collaboration doesn't have to be frustrating and disjointed. Fall back in love with your team.  

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  • Implement the habits and tools enterprise-wide that build high-performing, venture-backed teams
  • Step-by-step video guidance and comprehensive resources for seamless mastery of Peak Team Tools and Meetings™
  • Cultivate a culture of team alignment, unwavering focus, and elevated accountability
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