Even the most exceptional CEOs can’t succeed alone. Uplift your team with the top performers in your marketplace with Peak Recruitment™


Having the proper team in place is essential to successfully realizing your company’s vision. Collective Genius works with growth companies like yours to curate the best candidates across all functions, from executive-level to mission-critical positions.

Peak Executive and Board Search™

Retained Search: C-Suite, VP, and Board of Director roles using the comprehensive Peak Recruiting Methodology™.

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Jamie Candee

CEO | Edmentum | EdTech

"Collective Genius was instrumental in helping me build my leadership team. Jeff and team are extremely knowledgeable across disciplines and markets."



Tom Chapman

COO | Lumen Learning | EdTech

"I was impressed with Collective Genius from our very first meeting.  As a rapidly growing company that is founded on a strong mission driven culture, any engagement with a recruiter hinges on their ability to understand who we are and how we work. Collective Genius demonstrated the unique ability to quickly develop an advanced understanding of our team and our culture. I highly recommend Geoff and the team at Collective Genius."

John Bertrand

CEO | Digital Diagnostics | HealthTech

"I have worked with Collective Genius for years. They have been my go to for variety of talent needs, for multiple product lines and for both growth and entrepreneur stage businesses. What I value most is their ability to quickly understand the opportunities I’m chasing and help me find the best aligned skills and cultural resources for those needs."

Peter Zajac

CEO | Surglogs | HealthTech

"Collective Genius is my go-to agency. Working with Collective Genius and Geoff, I have been very impressed how everything flows according to plan with a very hands on approach, immediate response times and superb organization."


Peak Recruiting™

Hybrid Retainer Search:  Director, manager and individual contributor mission critical searches leveraging the Peak Recruiting Methodology™.

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Peak Talent™

Subscribe to Rucksack and gain access to tools and resources comprising the Peak Recruiting Methodology™. Use them to recruit, hire and retain high-performing talent.

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Level - Executive Search and Mission Critical Mid-level Positions
Functions - Marketing, Sales, Product, Software Engineering, Finance and Operations
Stage - Emerging Growth and Growth Organizations
Industry - All Categories Across EdTech and HealthTech
Geography - National US Focus (Offices in Los Angeles and Minneapolis)


Category Expertise

We have a deep understanding of EdTech and HealthTech software product company dynamics, functions, and associated candidate marketplaces.

Proven Process

The Peak Recruiting Methodology™ is a proven methodology focused on matching our clients with high-performing talent relevant to their organizational needs.

Candidate Access

Our niche focus and longevity in the industry provide high marketplace visibility and reach allowing our clients to make the best hiring decisions.

Peak Recruiting Process and Methodology™

Every company is only as good as their product and in recruiting that comes down to your recruiting process. Leveraging decades of experience in our niche we have designed a recruiting process that is best-in-class for building high-performing teams. The Peak Recruiting Process and Methodology™ is based on a research-driven methodology to effectively assess the entire candidate marketplace, allowing our clients the ability to make the best hiring decisions.


4:1 Client interview to hire ratio

34% Faster than the average time-to-fill

94% Offer acceptance ratio

76% of hires continue to stay with their company for over three years

42% of hires promoted within three years of placement

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Geoff Grcevich

Head of Search | Collective Genius

Based in Minneapolis the home of EdTech and HealthTech, Geoff has led multiple executive search and recruiting efforts for high-growth technology companies within healthcare and education.

Joining Collective Genius in 2008, after departing Pearson, Geoff is focused on recruiting and hiring high-performing teams at the intersections of education, healthcare and technology.

Contact: LinkedIn

Hiring is what you do when you let the world know that you're accepting applications from people looking for a job.

Recruiting is the act of finding the very best person for a job and persuading them to stop doing what they're doing and come join you.

- Seth Godin

Jeff Martin

CEO and Founder | Collective Genius

Based in Los Angeles, California, Jeff has founded, sold and played multiple roles in venture backed technology companies.

In 2004, Jeff founded Collective Genius  to assist CEOs, founders and investors build high-performing teams. Jeff has worked with hundreds of venture backed leadership teams and investors across the US and worldwide.

Contact: LinkedIn

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Tools You Need to Recruit, Hire and Retain High-Performing Talent

Are you looking for the tools needed to recruit the best talent and keep them on your team? Rucksack provides proven tools and resources for recruiting and retention. Along with Peak Talent™ you also will get access to the entire Peak Operating System™.

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Peak Talent™

Part of the Peak Operating System™, Peak Talent™ provides all the tools you need to recruit, hire and retain high-performing talent.

Access the entire Peak Talent System™ with Rucksack.

Scorecard and Define

  • Facilitate the creation of a scorecard outlining the company context, objectives for the position, and the key qualifications and attributes required to deliver on those objectives.
  • Learn the best approach to crafting the opportunity value proposition, position brief, and recruitment messaging.

Strategy and Research

  • Gain the insights to identify stage, functional, category, and geographic talent competitors to target based on the scorecard, and then research, filter, and sort initial candidate prospects.
  • Take the message to market via direct multi-channel recruitment contacts and our referral network. Engage prospects in conversation and convert potential matches into candidates

Attract and Engage

  • Build tools to attract candidates to your organization.
  • Engage prospects in conversation and convert potential matches into candidates

Interviews and Assessment

  • Conduct candidate interviews based on the scorecard assessing fit based on candidate motivations, logistics, affordability, and qualifications
  • Prioritize A-level candidates, and manage candidate interviews, debriefings, communications, and expectations
  • Obtain the tools to conduct individualized reference checks and applicable assessments

Selection and Procurement

  • Discover the best way to assist in the selection of final candidates
  • Facilitate offer presentation, negotiation, and acceptance
  • Confirm resignations, on-boarding, and follow up activities


  • Onboard new employees with a strategic play book
  • Align new people to the Three Year Vision, One Year Plan and Quarterly Peak OKR™
  • Establish weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual cadences to keep them empowered and ontrack.
  • Create a winning experience and culture.

All the Tools You Need to Build A High-Performing Venture-Backed Team

Are you looking to recruit the best talent and keep them on your team? Rucksack provides proven tools and resources for recruiting and retention. Along with Peak Talent™, you also will get access to the entire Peak Operating System.

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