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Every Successful venture has a high-performing team that makes the difference between landing on the moon and getting stuck on the launchpad. We empower innovators with the unstoppable teams they need to realize their vision. And we do this as we have always done. Together.

"Individual commitment to a group effort--that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work." - Vince Lombardi

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We are Collective Genius

We build high-performing teams for venture-backed technology companies and venture capital firms. With offices in Los Angeles, Collective Genius has worked with hundreds of CEOs, founders, and investors across the United States and worldwide.

Collective Genius combines decades of experience in venture-backed organizations, uplifting teams to exceed their potential.

Jeff Martin

CEO and Founder | Collective Genius

Based in Los Angeles, California, Jeff has founded, sold, and played multiple roles at venture-backed technology companies.

In 2004, Jeff founded Collective Genius to assist CEOs, founders, and investors build high-performing teams. Jeff has worked with hundreds of venture-backed leadership teams and investors across the US and worldwide.

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Geoff Grcevich

Head of Search | Collective Genius

Located in Minneapolis, Geoff has spearheaded numerous team expansion initiatives across industries enhanced by technology, including healthcare, edtech, and various other tech sectors.

Joining Collective Genius in 2008, Geoff is focused on helping executives build high-performing teams for both VC and PE-backed growth companies.

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Anna Klemp

Head of Platform | Collective Genius

Based in Los Angeles, California, Anna brings the team a perfect combination of experience across customer success, operations, and finance.

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